Curriculum Goals:

Cambridge activities are designed to offer a variety of experiences and give each child an area in which to excel!!

1.  Children spend their afternoons in an atmosphere that is fun, stimulating and nurturing

2.  Children get as many opportunities to plan their own time as is feasible

3.  Children learn how to be cooperative, responsible members of our multi-aged group

4.  Children take increasing responsibility for making choices and become increasingly self motivated

5.  Children develop skills and are able to see their progress in particular areas of interest

School Age

Fit By Five

When children finish their formal school day, whether staying at school for The School Age Program or going home with parents, they need to run, jump, skip, hop and unwind before getting involved in the next activity.  All children staying at school for The School Age Program participate in “Fit By Five”, a non-competitive program that develops physical, social and cognitive skills through fitness and other cooperative games and activities. Children exercise to music, have relay races, do creative movement and play ball sports. “Fit By Five” nurtures healthy bodies and healthy attitudes.

Artist In Residence

Children who select “Artist in Residence” have fun with all kinds of media. They design and manufacture their own club banner which will be prominently displayed while children are in The School Age Program.  They paint, sculpt, draw, design, and create. They make puppets for a puppet show that they write and direct, paint and sculpt self portraits and have fun designing “Breakfast of Champions” cereal boxes where the champion on the front is the child doing the design.  Children have the opportunity to do creative crafting with wood, fabric and beads. They try their hands at photography and display their photographic collages for everyone to admire.

Communities In Action

Our “Communities in Action” program encourages children to be good citizens of their school, their town, their state and their nation. In “Communities in Action”, we take the time to go green for part of the year. We participate in charities like Alex’s Lemonade Stand, and learn how to help children who are less fortunate than we are. Children create and edit their own After School Program newspaper, develop a “Token Economy” and study the world in our “It’s a Small World Series.”

Tournament Time

Children who select “Tournament Time” activities have the opportunity to play table games, do individual or group puzzles and just have fun. Teachers assign groups according to ability levels. Children select a game or puzzle that they are interested in trying. A wide range of two person games are available including connect four, chess, checkers, mastermind and tic-tac-toe. Multi-person games are also available like memory, sorry, bingo, rush hour and boggle. There are only winners at “Tournament Time” as our teachers encourage game players to exhibit team spirit, good sportsmanship and feel good about trying.

Homework Heroes

Our “Homework Heroes” program is designed to offer children the opportunity to work on homework in a supervised environment. Our certified teachers are there to help, offer support, answer any questions that students may have and assist in problem solving. We keep our group sizes small and separate children according to grade level so that attention spans are maximized and frustrations are reduced.