Our Program Goals

1.  To provide children with a warm and affectionate environment which encourages  them to develop at their own rate.

2.  To provide opportunities for exploring, learning, and social interaction through a variety of activities.

3.  To provide consistency between school and home program practices that will be beneficial to  children and will offer  parents an opportunity to influence the kind of program their child is involved in.

4. To encourage and support parental involvement and create relationships that are based upon honest and open communication.

5.  To use our curriculum as a model and hands-on tool to provide age appropriate programs.


In Our Infant program, babies are loved, carefully cared for, and encouraged to develop to their fullest potential. Using our innovative infant curriculum as a guide, we make sure every baby gets ample opportunity to develop physically, mentally, socially and emotionally. But above all, we make sure their days are filled with hugs and kisses, songs and stories, and plenty of love.

Toddler I

Our One Year Olds experience learning through a balance of nurturing and play. Our supportive faculty encourages children to “safely” take risks as they walk, run and learn to explore. Teachers strive to support motor development and independence while introducing simple but exciting activities that help develop cognitive and social confidence.

Toddler II

Our Two Year Olds thrive in a program that introduces young children to beginning educational concepts, cooperation and early language skills. Social interaction is the main focus as children start learning how to get along with others and begin to enjoy playing with new friends.


As PreSchoolers gain more confidence, they feel ready for anything. Our PreSchool curriculum is based on a thematic learning center approach to early childhood education. It is designed to enrich the experience of the young child and develop positive feelings of self through a sharing process between teacher and child.


The PreKindergarten years are the last steps in the developmental journey between infancy and school age. Our PreKindergarten students engage in structured activities that encourage them to become problem solvers and constructive learners. Our curriculum offers a wide range of academics, presented at a child’s own pace, which enhance Kindergarten readiness.


Our fully accredited Kindergarten program combines “hands-on” activities with more formalized instruction to promote intellectual development and social readiness. Teachers work hard to establish positive patterns for future success in school and in life.

School Age

Cambridge offers a sophisticated approach to School Age programming. The program is designed to enrich the experiences of school age children, and help make their transition time between school and home a satisfying, rewarding, and stress free experience.