"Our Programs Have Structure But Do Not Structure Children"

"The Strength of our Program is the Dedication of Our Teachers"

"Cambridge Teachers, Parents, and Students Are Partners in the Educational Process"

Our Mission

At Cambridge, our mission is to provide opportunities of choice for children in age appropriate, developmentally based programs which fully optimize each child’s emotional, intellectual, physical and social growth.

Our schools create a culture that celebrates children and their accomplishments. We know that learning through play is the beginning of a lifelong educational experience. In a trusting atmosphere, with an eye to their present academic needs and the supportive arms of our dedicated teaching staff around them, Cambridge children begin to prepare for their educational journey into adulthood. We realize, however, that early childhood education is not just about academics based on play. It is about building character and personal integrity, developing the ability to think logically, independently and imaginatively, acquiring a sense of diversity and multicultural awareness, and becoming thoughtful and constructive contributors to society. At Cambridge, we strive to provide children with a safe, nurturing environment, which promotes the compassion to extend themselves to others and the strength of character to act on their beliefs; and a strong curriculum, which supports independent thought and risk taking in academics and encourages them to remain active learners throughout their lives.